Tesla changes insurance incentive scheme in China to urge purchase

Tesla Inc said it has increased the insurance incentive for car orders made in China that are placed before Nov.

30, but has cut those for orders to be placed later in the month. This is to encourage customers to order earlier.

It is the U.S. automaker previously offered an insurance benefit of 7700 dollars ($970) on orders made between October.

1 until December. 30. On Tuesday, Tesla announced that the incentive offered for November

 was increased to 8,000 Yuan and lowered for December orders to 4,000 yuan.

"As long as you like it enough, pick up Tesla immediately!" Tesla announced on the official Weibo account, when it announced the change in policy.

The incentive for insurance is a cash reward that is offered to customers who purchase insurance from Tesla's insurer partners.

Tesla produced 71,704 Chinese-made electric vehicle (EVs) during October.

This was a decrease of 14% from the record-setting September figure According to China Passenger Car Association this week.

Tesla has also reduced the price of its starters across China to Model 3 and Model Y vehicles and shut down the flagship showroom in China in the month of September.

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