Serena Williams Keeps Focus Amid the Fanfare

A star-studded audience at Arthur Ashe Stadium was joined by crowds of fans in the outside area during Williams's opening round U.S. Open match.

A public announcement system slowed down and there was a moment of silence as crowds gathered around

the tunnel of players to see their first glimpse of the star the world had been waiting for.

Serena Williams, dressed in an elegant jacket and the cape dangling out of her waist and walked out to ear-splitting applause while her daughter,

Olympia she joined hundreds of fans who pointed cameras at her mother on the field of Arthur Ashe Stadium.

A announcer announced her as "the greatest of all time," and set a record. U.S. Open crowd of 29,402 roared with approval.

Williams, regardless of the shattered noise, was able to keep her eyes on the ball while she made her way to her seat,

and then started preparing for the event to comethe opening match of what is likely to be Williams's final U.S. Open, her final major tournament.

"The crowd was crazy," Williams stated during an on-court ceremony that was held to pay tribute to her following the event. "It really helped pull me through."

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