Nick Jonas Falls Into a Hole on Stage While Singing: ‘Ouch’

Nick Jonas “fell … so rapid” into a hole on stage.

Jonas, 30, took a tumble whilst acting at TD Garden in Boston on Tuesday, August 15. While singing “Sail Away,”

he will be seen dancing and pointing to the crowd before backing up and slipping into an open entice door.

He quick hopped out of the hollow and mouthed “Ouch.” Jonas then ran throughout the degree to join his brothers Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas for the relaxation of the tune.

Joe, 34, and Kevin, 35, smiled as Nick ran to them, which had a few lovers questioning whether or not they were holding lower back laughter at Nick’s slip.

In a fan’s viral TikTok video, a safety shield was seen trying to warn Nick about the hollow earlier than he fell.

 The guard reached for his leg and tried to seize him however became too overdue.

Fans quick shared their thoughts inside the remarks phase. One wrote, “Awh the security shield tried to warn him before

he stepped lower back and then grabbed his foot 🥺.” A 2nd person added, “Kevin and Joe simply laughing is the maximum large brother issue.

” A third wondered why the entice door became open, to which any other fan answered,

“It’s closed virtually while you first watch it then opens later.”

They predicted, “I suppose he became on that side longer than planned and that they had [a] stool go up for [the] subsequent tune.”

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