Golden Bachelor Gerry Knows His Fantasy Suites Will Look 'Quite Different'

With one exception, the first Golden Bachelor, Gerry Turner, is prepared to embrace the reality TV process.

"I just think that a Fantasy Suite for someone of my age may look quite different,

" said Gerry, 72, in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that was released on Saturday, August 12.

The activities could differ significantly from those for someone in their 20s and 30s.

In an interview with ET before his first night of filming, Gerry said that while he is not anxious about the overnight dates, his family is.

He made a joke about his daughters, Angie and Jenny, and granddaughters,

Charlee and Payton, saying, "[It] makes my daughters a lot more nervous than me."

Typically, a lead will ask each of their three finalists on an overnight date to further

explore their chemistry away from the cameras in The Bachelor and The Bachelorette seasons.

 Many past show stars have admitted that the evening can be utilized to become intimate or discuss serious things,

while it is unknown exactly what occurs in the fantasy suites.

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