Drake Calls Male Fan 'Dumb' For Fighting Woman Over Rapper’s Used Towel

Drake stood behind his supporters after a brawl erupted over one of his used towels.

Drake cleaned his face with a rag and hurled it into the audience as he went off stage after his Saturday,

August 12, concert at the Kia Forum venue in Los Angeles.

Despite the fact that it was caught by a female concertgoer,

a male fan wrestled the woman for custody of the towel, garnering Drake's attention.

"Are you dumb?" In various TikTok fan recordings of the incident, Drake asks the male attendee,

following which he informs the female fan, "I'mma send someone up there."

Several admirers commented on the incident, with one user tweeting, "Imagine having to live with Drake saying 'Are you dumb' to you.

" Another remarked, "A man fighting a woman over Drake's sweaty towel is crazyyyyy [sic]."

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