Bheeshma Parvam’ movie review

‘Bheeshma Parvam’ movie review: Mammootty stars in slick but familiar mafia don story

Director Amal Neerad makes up for the lack of novelty in the story with style and some solid characters

Building an aura of power and dread around someone is often more about what the person does not do, than what he or she does, despite having all the ability to do it.

Cast: Mammootty, Soubin Shahir, Nadia Moidu, Sreenath Bhasi, Shine Tom Chacko

The script, penned by Amal Neerad and Devadath Shaji, ensures that the all-powerful don is just one of the elements of the film, with most other characters having an identity of their own

All these characters still do not help paper over the fact that much of the basic story lacks any novelty.